The turf grass, commonly known as lawn, is undoubtedly what a garden is all about. Scientific data have shown that the turf grass is eco-friendly in many ways:

• The aesthetic appearance of a house is improved by up to 60%.
• It helps to control pollution and it reduces soil erosion.
• It produces oxygen and has a cooling effect in the air.
• It has beauty and comfort appeal.


Ready to roll turf grass:
The ready to roll turf grass (also known as sod), is grass planted on specialized farms, grown with scientific expertise and care; when it is ready to harvest, it is cut into rolls, pulled out by its roots and a thin layer of soil, held together with its root system and a special net; it is then rolled.
Ready to roll turf have essential benefits:

• Immediacy in visually appealing landscape, while there is no need to re-grow the lawn from seed or to fill in voids.
• Newly laid turf is usually fully functional within a few days of installation.
• It can be laid all-year-round, with the exception of the times of year with frost.
• Comparable to growing the lawn with seed (seed sowing method), it helps to save water while also to avoid many maintenance issues.
• Turf grass can be installed even on steep lands or sloping gardens.

Our company uses three of the best varieties of ready to roll turf grass “festuca arundinaceae”.
Its visual appearance with a deep green color and its density are excellent. It’s robust and exhibits great tolerance to the dry and hot climatic conditions of our country. Additionally, it exhibits great resistance to diseases such as fusarium, rizoctonia and pythium. It can be mown really low and it keeps its color, even during winter.


The artificial or synthetic turf (plastic grass or rubberized artificial running surface) is used for the construction of stadiums, 5 × 5 sport fields, playgrounds, sport arenas, swimming pool areas and wherever natural turf grass cannot be installed, such as verandas, balconies, roof gardens, terraces, patios, gazebos, stairways etc. Comparable to the natural turf grass, the benefits of the artificial are:

• It keeps its green color all year round.
• It exhibits tolerance to any weather conditions.
• Immediacy in its visual appearance.
• Easy transport and installation.
• Water and money saving, because it needs no watering and it only requires low-cost maintenance.
• It requires the minimum maintenance, as the artificial grass only needs to be periodically brushed with a plastic (nylon) broom, assisting thus fibers to remain luscious and stay upright, and has to be cleaned off of debris, dirt and leaves, just with the use of a leaf blower.
• It is easily installed with the use of an adhesive tape and some glue.


Comparable to other methods, this is of lower cost. It has however, essential disadvantages, some of which are:

• It is a slower alternative, because seeds can be eaten by birds and ants. More, seed sowing is limited to certain periods of the year.
• It requires more effort and may be less effective, because of the weeds; actually, weed seeds, even non-germinated, exist in the subsoil.
• Seed sowing is challenging on steep lands or sloping gardens.

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