Our company can carry out any garden planning and designing project.
An expert agronomist schedules your appointment to wherever you are located, in order to evaluate on site, the special needs of your space or plot. Our team then carries out a full plan and design and includes several proposals and offers according to your individual requirements, from which you may chose to proceed.
The steps we take are as follows:

• Using special equipment we measure the water pressure and check the water supply system of your property, in order to properly install the irrigation system for your garden (in a way that the water is evenly distributed in the garden).
• Testing and sampling of the subsoil of your garden to proceed with laboratory analysis, in order to fertilize the ground with the appropriate nutrients.
• On site inspection and measuring of your plot or space to ideally design your garden.
• 3D designing of the garden.
• Carrying out of an agro-technical analysis and of an irrigation system plan.
• Carrying out of a cost and budget plan for the garden project (including suggestions regarding materials and plants to be used for your garden within your budget, yet keeping all quality standards up).

– Free Evaluation Service –

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Based on the reliability of our experts’ team, we can guarantee to save you time and also ensure excellent team work and mutual understanding all the while of the project.

The bedrock of our services is our expertise and professional experience, in order to meet your individual needs for a perfectly healthy garden.


We are constantly at the disposal of our customers, all of whom we consider as friends, whenever our advice or support regarding your plants and your garden is asked, so that even the most challenging of your demands are fulfilled.