Our expert team can provide maintenance services on a weekly or monthly basis, always focusing on the ideal aesthetic appearance of your garden.
Our company carries out a full plan for the maintenance of your garden, using scientific and technological data, which includes the following:

• Setting and maintenance of an automatic irrigation system.
• Clearing of leaves, tree branches and other debris off your garden. Slicing and hoeing of the soil and weed-free the garden beds.
• Trimming, pruning and fertilizing of plants and trees.
• Protective care of plants.
• Use of herbicides when necessary.
• Full care and maintenance of the turf grass (mowing, airing, fertilization and protective care of the lawn).
• Monthly activities record keeping of any garden works performed, always at the disposal of our customers.

We provide maintenance services for houses, apartment buildings, companies, hotels, balconies, roof gardens, stadiums and any sport fields, public areas, terraces, event venues, vacation homes and indoor spaces.

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The bedrock of our services is our expertise and professional experience, in order to meet your individual needs for a perfectly healthy garden.


We are constantly at the disposal of our customers, all of whom we consider as friends, whenever our advice or support regarding your plants and your garden is asked, so that even the most challenging of your demands are fulfilled.